Under 17 Driving Lessons

Under 17 Lessons with Ashtons Driving School

We are proud to offer driving lessons to under 17s.

If you wish to be prepared for the Driving Test by the time you reach the legal driving age, this can be a great way to do it.

Maybe you'd like to experience some driving lessons to see what it's like to drive.

Do you want to arrange some lessons as a gift for someone else? A unique experience that will have them talking for ages!

All under 17 driving instruction is delivered on private roads in safe and secure conditions by a DVSA approved Driving Inctructor, using a dual controlled car.

Parents are welcome to join the under 17 lessons and be there for their loved one's first driving experience - a great photo opportunity!

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Lesson Prices

1 Hour2 Hours

If you'd like to arrange something different to these offers, please contact me to discuss it.

Fully Qualified Driving Instructor in Pinner

Qualified Instructor

DVSA Approved


one to one