Driving School in Pinner, Middlesex

Welcome to Ashtons! My driving school offers lessons in Pinner and surrounding towns, including: Ruislip, Ealing, Uxbridge, Northolt, Greenford and Hayes.

  • I provide manual driving lessons
  • All lessons 1-2-1 (no car sharing)
  • Patient, polite, friendly, professional lessons
  • Beginners and nervous drivers welcome
  • Pass Plus courses available
  • Refresher lessons for licence holders
  • Under 17 lessons on private land
  • Intensive Driving Courses

Ashton's Driving School lessons are designed to give pupils the knowledge and skills to drive safely in any situation, on all roads and in any conditions.

I ensure all my learners are fully prepared for the practical driving test and I can use my knowledge to help with any questions pupils may have on the Theory Test. I'm also able to offer Pass Plus lessons once you've passed your test, in order to enhance your driving skills further and reduce your car insurance.

My teaching style is always patient, polite, friendly and of course, professional. This is very important because a calm environment means maximum learning during each driving lesson. For nervous pupils, we can take driving lessons in a quiet area to help build confidence and gain driving experience without distractions.

I will help you through each stage of training so that you have the skills and knowledge to pass the driving test and continue as a good driver afterwards.

Learner Pupil Driving Lesson Offer

My Driving School is based in Pinner and I have good knowledge of the roads - I also cover many of the surrounding towns. I'm happy for driving lessons to start and end at locations of your choice.

Lessons take place in a modern, clean and air conditioned car with a manual gearbox. There is no car sharing during driving lessons (unless requested), which means pupils have my undivided attention for the entire session.

Driving development is monitored using a progress card which ensures pupils know what was covered. It also means they improve with each driving lesson. They can track their own progress; from the first controls lesson, up to test standard! If you're a complete beginner or have been partly trained, the lesson plans can be customized for your driving level.

Ashton's Driving School has some great offers - from Block Bookings with 6, 8 and 10 hour driving lesson deals to intensive driving courses and introductory offers such as half price lessons for beginners. Please see the driving lesson prices page for more details

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May 2024

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Kimi, Ruislip

Ashton taught me everything I needed to know to pass my test in less than 2 months!

His style of teaching is easy to understand and really helped me after struggling with driving with other instructors previously.

He brings a positive attitude and assisted me to become a better and safer driver.

I would definitely recommend him, thank you for helping me to pass first time!

Apr 2024

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Lydia

Ashton was my driving instructor and helped me pass.

He was friendly, knowledgeable, understanding and was always reassuring so driving with him felt comfortable and low stress.

I passed with an understanding of driving and it makes me a much better driver.

He was a fantastic driving instructor, couldn't recommend him enough. I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else.

Thank you so much!!!

Feb 2024

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Abi, Ruislip

I am very grateful to have had Ashton as my instructor.

Not only did he help me calm my nerves and be comfortable on the road, but he also helped me excel in so many areas of driving that are so important.

He was able to create a fun environment for driving which ultimately helped me enjoy being on the road and not see it as something frightening.

No matter how many times I asked the same question or made the same mistake, he was always patient and kind, and helped me get a deeper understanding of what I was working with.

It has been such a pleasure being taught by him as he has turned me into a brilliant driver.

I cannot thank him enough, couldn't have passed without him!

Aug 2023

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Taylor, Ruislip

Working with Ashton on my driving skills was really enjoyable, Ashton makes learning fun and explains techniques simply that enabled me to get it first time.

Ashton was extremely flexible with me using my own car and with bookings.

I like the double sessions these gave me the time to understand new manoeuvres.

Thank you Ashton for the fun learning that definitely impacted on my ability to pass first time.

Jul 2023

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Sam, Ruislip

We consider ourselves very lucky finding Ashton to get our son through his driving test.

He was completely reliable and very flexible when we asked him to consolidate Sams learning in a very short space of time.

The lessons and instructions for practice were extremely thorough and realistic.

Ashton's experience of driving and commitment to high standards of safety on our roads shines through.

Thank you

Jan 2023

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Sumayyah, central London

I am extremely grateful to Ashton for teaching me to drive safely.

I had many instructors before and have taken many lessons, however it was Ashton who taught me to drive safely and properly and helped me to improve my confidence, ability and competencies.

Despite the short notice test date, Ashton was keen to help and has provided advice, guidance and instruction to last a lifetime.

Many many thanks Ashton, greatly appreciated.

I would 100% recommended Ashton's driving school.

Jul 2022

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: M.C, Ruislip

I started learning from Ashton off the recommendation of a friend, and it was an excellent decision.

He went above and beyond in teaching me what I need to know to not only pass my test, but to drive safely in any situation.

He's an excellent teacher and has done an amazing job, and managed to get me to a point to pass first time!

I'd highly recommend going through Ashton's driving school to anyone who wants to learn how to drive well and safely.

Jan 2020

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Chloe, Eastcote

I would happily recommend Ashton to anybody wanting to learn to drive safely for life and successfully pass their test.

I was very nervous to attempt to drive at first slowly, but after working with Ashton I learned to relax and become comfortable being in a vehicle.

With time I was able to train towards a lifetime of safe driving and to pass the driving test.

Jan 2020

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Jade, Northolt

I began learning to drive with my grandad who suggested to contact a driving instructor to work with to make sure I was learning properly as my grandad passed his test a few years ago.

I contacted Ashton I am glad I did as he helped me to calm my nerves and make me feel comfortable while I was driving by showing me techniques, driving skills and valuable knowledge that I could use to make the road feel a safer place for me.

Ashton encouraged me to use my grandad's vehicle for my driving test as that was the vehicle I had built a stronger relationship with. Again I am glad he did. It helped me feel very relaxed and in control for my test which I passed first time around.

Thank you Ashton the knowledge of the road and driving experience you have to offer is priceless I could not have done it without your support and encouragement.

Nov 2019

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Mo, Pitshanger W5

I contacted Ashton as I was unhappy with my current instructor, I was glad I did.

Ashton helped me with my nerves and confidence thanks to his above and beyond road knowledge and useful safe driving for life techniques which he patiently assisted me to learn.

I had not been taught these previously unfortunately.

I would highly recommend Ashton's services to anyone.

Nov 2019

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Tyla, Northolt

I took my first, very nervous, lesson to my successful practical test pass.

Ashton was always patient, helpful with lots of advice to offer whic was needed as I had a few problems adjusting to the new environment surrounding me when I was driving.

I can drive many safe, comfortable miles now i can not thank you enough Ashton.

Nov 2019

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Rosie, Northolt

When I contacted Ashton I was feeling a little apprehensive as I had an uncomfortable experience with a previous driving instructor. I had no need to worry Ashton soon made me feel comfortable as I began to learn to be a safe driver for life.

I found it difficult at first especially as I was feeling nervous of the other vehicles, the driving skills and techniques I was learning helped me to relax. Ashton always helped to keep me as calm as possible with his help and reassurance.

With his patience and knowledge of the roads I was able to pass my test successful, which I never thought I would be able to do.

I would recommend Ashton to anyone that wants to learn to be a safe driver for life.

Thank you Ashton for all your help, advice and support.

Nov 2019

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Grace, Eastcote

Ashton was recommended by a friend who had recently passed her test, she had spoken very highly of him.

I started learning in October 2018 not long after giving birth and can honestly say he is the most patient and understanding driving instructor considering the sleep deprivation.

I was a bag of nerves on that first lesson but although it took a while to settle we got there in the end, I personally was in no rush to learn and I'm glad I took my time.

Ashton explains everything with precision detail and quickly picks up on the style of learner you are then one day it just clicks.

I'm very glad I learnt with Ashton and without his patience I can safely say I don't think I would of passed my test nevermind passing first time.

Aug 2019

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Muna, Ruislip

I highly recommend any new or nervous drivers to learn with Ashton.

I took lessons before I started with him, but I only started to gain the skills to drive with his lessons.

He is very understanding and patient which helped ease my anxiousness when driving and was very helpful in making me know what areas I improved in and needed work on.

I definitely gained my confidence to drive with his teaching approach.

Thanks for everything.

Jul 2019

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Ben, Ruislip

Ashton is a very friendly and funny person and from the first lesson I felt at ease with him.

Ashton is very patient and a great instructor for nervous pupils.

He always kept a smile on my face and it was a pleasure to be taught by such a gent.

I would recommend Ashton to anyone who is learning to drive as he'll make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Thank you so much Ashton, all the best Ben.

May 2019

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Manuel, Ickenham

Ashton is an exceptional instructor!!! I've just passed my first driving test and it's all down to him!!

I'm honestly privileged to have had him as an instructor. His knowledge of the roads was next to none and he had lot of confidence in my ability when I didn't.

He is so calm and patient and he is able to explain my mistakes to me clearly. He always stayed positive and through his coaching I feel confident in driving.

If he could teach me, then he could teach everyone!!

He is also a pretty cool guy, we had many moments when we laughed up to tears!!!

Without a doubt I would highly recommend Ashton as an instructor!!!

Thanks for everything Ashton!!!

Jan 2019

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Harjot, Uxbridge

I found Ashton when I had no driving experience whatsoever, and am very glad that I did.

I had some very stubborn habits with my driving, but Ashton was always very patient and perceptive in understanding the root cause of why I am clinging on to the habit so that not only do I pass my test, but also am set for safe driving for life.

Lessons with Ashton are always very informative, as he is very knowledgeable and is always looking to share that knowledge. Furthermore, he makes every effort in working around your schedule and has been available on evenings and weekends as well.

I passed my test on my second try (the first fail was due to my own fault) and that is all thanks to Ashton.

Once again, genuinely thanks for all your help in helping me get my licence.

Jan 2019

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Sebastian, Northolt

My lessons with Ashton were nothing like I would expect, but thankfully in a good way!

Having previous driving experience in a different environment, I was sure lessons would be a breeze! Sadly, they were not.

Ashton was able to break my bad driving habits and get me to pass on my first try.

He was super flexibile to fit my needs despite of his timetable being super busy.

If it wasnt for Ashton, I would have to retake my theory test and start all over again as it was expiring 2 weeks after my driving test.

If you want to learn with someone that has an insane amount of UK road knowledge, Ashton is the instructor for you! Thank you.

Nov 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Carrie

Ashton is an enthusiastic and energetic driving instructor with a wealth of knowledge.

I passed first time after having lessons with him. I'm now enjoying the independence of driving, always remembering the importance of mirrors and Ashton's safety tips on commercial vehicles.

Thank you.

Sept 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Gauthami, Ruislip

I really enjoyed each lesson with Ashton. He was very patient and had turned me into a confident driver, whereas before I was extremely anxious.

I highly recommend Ashton to not only teach you how to pass your test, but to turn you into a safe, confident driver for life.

Aug 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Nirav, Harrow

I came to Ashton with very little driving experience and I can honestly say he was an extremely patient and understanding teacher who really helped me learn how to drive out in the real world, not just to pass my test.

He was always flexible and understanding with our lessons. An amazing instructor who made all our lessons enjoyable and got me over my fears about driving.

I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to drive.

Aug 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Lina, Eastcote

I wanted to say how pleased I am with my instructor Ashton! He is phenomenal! Very professional, thorough and encouraging in all my lessons!

I enjoyed every minute of my lessons. He is excellent and professional, but is also very friendly and has a great sense of humour.

He made me very comfortable from the start and with the way he explained things, everything made so much sense I had no trouble learning. Within a few lessons everything just clicked and I went on to pass my test.

I just could not have done it without him and I really cannot recommend him highly enough. I'm incredibly grateful to him, he is truly the best!

Thank you Ashton!

Jul 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Shailender, Northolt

Thank you so much for all your support and excellent instruction teaching me to drive and passing my test.

You were always very patient and give me advice that was of great help to enhance my driving skills.

Ashton having patient, calm, encouraging, positive and had a sense of humour. On top of this he is extremely flexible, great personality, excellent driving skills, nice human being and friend more than instructor.

For you I am always be available around clock and you are such a nice friend for me.

I would like to strongly recommend you whenever and wherever required.

Jul 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Josh, Ruislip

Ashton was a fantastic instructor, teaching you not just to pass your test but also how to drive in the really world!

Absolute pleasure driving with him, would recommend to anyone.

Jun 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Hussain, Ealing

Started off my driving journey I had absolutely no experience, being quite an anxious person it definitely took me a while getting used to all the controls.

My nerves where not helping, however Ashton was extremely patient and calming continuing believing in me.

When I didn't pass it the first time he didn't bring me down and after giving me all his time, effort and unmatched support, he managed to help me to pass.

I thank you so much for helping me with this stage of my life, you are a true gentleman; great mentor and most importantly, a friend.

May 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Alison, Uxbridge

Having helped my eldest son Daryl pass his driving test and hearing such great reviews and comments there was no question about asking Ashton to teach my youngest son Ryan to drive.

Ashton gladly took Ryan under his wing and made him feel so comfortable and relaxed, Ryan looked forward to every lesson.

Ashton is so friendly and accommodating and always keeps u informed as to what is going on.

Ryan passed his driving test first time. I would highly recommend Ashton to anyone that is looking for an experienced and humble driving instructor.

Thank you again Ashton

Mar 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Shenika, Pinner

Thank you very much for your teaching skills which made pass the test on my first attempt

I could not have done it without all your valuable help in teaching me skills for sale driving for life.

I am looking forward to my pass plus education.

I would recommend your services to anyone especially as you taught my husband Prasad a couple of years ago.

Thank you Ashton.

Mar 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Callum, Eastcote

I came to Ashton after letting my first instructor go because he missed so many lessons. I considered that instructor to be a good teacher, but then I had my first lesson with Ashton, whose shear diligence and passion towards making me a skilled and safe driver was on a whole new level.

Unaddressed bad habits that my previous instructor had either ignored or not noticed at all were identified and remedied over the course of our lessons together. All because Ashton goes above and beyond.

He's a ridiculously friendly and calming character who has an expertise for all things driving that I don't think many could claim. He diagnosed not only my driving issues, but the root psychology behind them, all while making me laugh each lesson.

I passed my test first time with only 4 faults in a short period of time, all thanks to Ashton

Mar 2018

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Jason, Ruislip

Ashton thank you for teaching me how to drive, you really are a great instructor

It has been a good journey and i really cant thank you enough - its been emotional mate, everyone who chooses you as their instructor will pass in no time!!!

thank you, take care

Nov 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Jack, Northolt

Ashton is a friendly, gentleman of a driving instructor.

He taught me how to drive not just to pass a test, but to be a responsible safe driver for life.

He is an incredibly personable driving instructor, and made me feel really at home in his car, even though at first I was terrified.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Ashton to any learner.

Oct 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Tommy, Pinner

My first attempt to learn to drive was a really negative experience as the instructor I chose lacked any patience or understanding.

I chose Ashton as other reviewers said he was great if you lacked confidence, and I found him a very good instructor who gave great encouragement, resulting in my passing my test today!


Oct 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Cezary, Northolt

I have to say it was an absolute pleasure driving with Ashton.

A terrific instructor that really cares about his pupils and wants them to pass.

Very thorough with every aspect of driving and flexible with the times. Makes you feel very comfortable in the car which really helps as I was incredibly nervous but very honest with you.

Achieved a first time pass with him in a short space of time.

Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Oct 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Pav, Northolt

Ashton is a wonderful instructor, not only does he make you feel comfortable on driving lesson, but also a good hearted person.

If your looking to pass first time, he's your guy.

Sep 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Aaron, Ickenham

Very happy with the service and the training.

I learned how to drive safely and efficiently while enjoying the lessons.

Thanks very much, I definitely recommend ashton as a driving instructor.

Aug 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Zahid, Pinner

Having stopped and started with many different driving instructors due to issues with their attitudes and teaching style; I finally found Ashton.

Ashton was personable and understood and adapted his teaching style to suit me. He is very down to earth and a pleasure to get to know and work with.

As a result of his commitment, flexibility and drive, I was able to pass my driving test first time while back home in London from university during the summer!

I can't recommend Ashton enough! Thanks Ashton.

Aug 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Omar, Uxbridge

I participated in an intensive driving course with Ashton. Having no previous driving experience at all, I was particularly nervous when i met Ashton for my first lesson - from there on in I had amazing time learning with Ashton.

He is a great teacher to learn with, resulting in a successful first time pass!

Aug 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Molly, Pinner

From the first session Ashton always showed great confidence in me and continued to encourage me through our lessons. He was honest and open, helping me feel at ease but also assuring me that he knew what I needed to improve on.

His experience with many kinds of transport helped to prepare me for any situation on the road.

He was always willing to schedule around me, and was generous in organizing any extra lessons I needed outside of my block booking.

In all, our lessons were super helpful, we always had a laugh and I passed with only one minor! Thank you Ashton!

Jul 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Alisha, Pinner

He is accommodating, flexible with times and truly provided a great service.

I will miss the lessons greatly!

Jul 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Victoria, Pinner

Found Ashtons Driving School online and think that it was my lucky day! This man patiently and professionally shared his colossal driving experience, supported and understood my needs.

He treats each pupil individually with an eye of psychologist, which makes each lesson special and not a minute is wasted (even if you are not in the mood to drive).

For me it was like to learn the Alphabet - from A to Z Ashton was with me and now, after successfully passing my test, I can not just read the books but write them myself with an appropriate confidence.

Don't hesitate, just give Ashton a call and he will make you a safe driver for life!

Jun 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Jarek, Uxbridge

Had an amazing time learning with Ashton, a great teacher to learn with resulting in a successful first time pass!

Jul 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Dave, Northolt

Ashton was very good at understanding where my level of learning was and would adapt our lessons to match where I needed to improve.

He was always very patient. When I made mistakes he made sure not just that I knew what to do next time but also that it didn't dent my confidence.

His assured instruction, backed by his extensive driving experience, helped me pass my test and feel like I'm ready for safe, real-world driving too.


Jun 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Gareth, Ruislip

Ashton has taught me safe driving for life!

He has been an excellent instructor, always putting the student first and providing helpful guidance from start to passing my test.

The lessons have been fun as well as informative, and Ashton has gone out of his way to help me out at every step of the way.


May 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Stu, Pinner

Ashton was a fanantastic instructor from start to finish.

His knowledge of driving is unparalleled, and combined with his positive nature, understanding and great teaching techniques, with plenty of driving time, he got me to the standard I needed to pass with just one minor.

Something that made me genuinely nervous became enjoyable!

Can't recommend him highly enough.

May 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Elise, Harefield

Before I started driving I was with another instructor and it never really worked out, as I didn't like there way of teaching!

Then, by a family friend, I got recommended and introduced to Ashton - from my first lesson till now with Ashton has been a journey. He is very patient and understanding, has helped me learn how to read the roads and has taught me a lot of techniques,

He is a really nice person and I'm very comfortable, relaxed, and felt very safe learning with you Ashton - it has been a JOY!

You are always laughing and smiling which is a good thing of course! I would recommend anyone who needs to start there safe driving to go with Ashton, I couldn't think of a better instructor, thank you Ashton for all your time, it was worth it!

I will recommended you to all my family and friends. ITS A PASS! 1ST TIME WOHOHOOOOOOO!

Apr 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Mrs Key. On behalf of son Matthew, Ruislip

Ashton, from the beginning your Calm, witty and good sense of humour had Matthew feeling so calm and relaxed.

Which throughout his time having lessons with you helped him a lot, which meant Matthew relaxed and therefore enjoying his lessons.

You were very patient with Matthew when he made mistakes,and gave him alot of confidence to successfully pass his test - you also sat with him after his lesson and went through driving skiĺls etc which was in your time.

So I would definitely recommend you to New Starters.

Apr 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Zahra, Northolt

Before I started driving with Ashton, I had taken lessons with numerous instructors and never felt very confident with them.

After failing a test, I decided to try taking a lesson with one last instructor and found Ashton's website and I'm very glad I did! His upbeat and encouraging style of demeanor are a breath of fresh air and make driving enjoyable for even the most nervous driver.

He was also very accommodating to my busy work schedule, and willing to work with me after the driving experience I already had.

Thank you Ashton, I couldn't have passed without you.

Mar 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Michael, Ickenham

Hi Ashton, thank you very much on getting me a licence. I couldn't have done it with anyone else, but i got on with you very well and that helped a lot.

I shall definitely put your name out there and recomend you to my friends and family

Thanks so much.

Mar 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Albie, Ickenham

Best driving instructor in London!

I was recommended Ashton - what a result! I couldn't have been in better hands.

Thank you for helping me pass my test with no minors at all!

Mar 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Matthew, Ickenham

Thank you so much for all your help, you're a fantastic driving instructor and helped me every step of the way.

Thanks again - you have made my day!

Mar 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: James, Ruislip

I would highly recommend Ashton to anyone who is considering to learn to drive.

I had roughly 30 hours of lessons with him and passed first time and I couldn't have done it without him.

To begin with I was a nervous driver but Ashton's calm and constructive approach broke things down and developed my skills to make each lesson more enjoyable than the last.

We also managed to have a huge laugh along the way which completely cast off all anxieties that comes with being a new driver.

Thank you so much Ashton for making this possible.

Feb 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Michael, Ickenham

You were a very helpful instructor, especially as I got off to quite a shaky start. Explained things well and were persistent with the things which would help me become a better driver.

Thank you for teaching me.

Feb 2017

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Emma, Northolt

Ashton, in my opinion, might be the best driving instructor in the world!!

Of course I might be biased as I passed my test yesterday on the first attempt, which prior to learning to drive my nearest and dearest would have rather bet on seeing a pig fly than it taking me less than five attempts.

The reasons Ashton is so awesome are endless but here are a few key ones: he doesn't waste the lesson parked up telling you the theory; you learn through practical driving and actually experiencing things; he teaches in a very professional manner and is also incredibly supportive with nerves of steel.

Despite my initial new learner ability to stall in the most inconvenient places he never snapped or lost his cool. As someone who is a later life driver (mid 30's) and was terrified (nervous doesn't cut it) this led to my staying calm in situations where under more pressure from a stressed instructor I'd have got out the car and ran.

Ashton is bouncy and has a great sense of humour, so lessons were fun and enjoyable and not tedious in any way. He genuinely really cares about his job and his pupils and really goes above and beyond to try and help get that first time pass.

I would recommend Ashton without hesitation to anyone who is looking to learn to drive as I really couldn't have done it without him.

Dec 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Liam, Ickenham

Great driving instructor - the skills and techniques that you showed me helped me through my driving test really well.

I would recommend Ashton to absolutely anyone. He is very easy to get along with and always happy.

I learnt with someone else before I came to Ashton, but when I switched I learnt so much more and he made me feel more confident which helped me to improve my driving.

I passed my test first time with one minor fault I am very happy to say - thanks to the unique set of skills that you can't usually get from other instructors.

Dec 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Jeremy, Pinner

Thank you Ashton, for all your patience while you helped me to achieve safe driving for life.

I was extremely nervous to say the least when I first met Ashton, I had no need to worry, Ashton soon helped me to feel relaxed and comfortable as he assisted me in learning to drive.

I feel much happier in the knowledge that Ashton have me a full driving educational experience and did not just simply prepare me for my practical driving test.

Thank you for a wonderful experience and helping me to obtain a successful test pass on my first attempt.

Dec 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Noah, eastcote

From my first lesson right up to my passing my test Ashton was helpful, patient and understanding. He helped me to learn how to read the roads and learn some very useful techniques and skills that helped me to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed.

Ashton was recommended to me by a friend; I am so grateful for my friend's good judgement.

Nice one Ashton, you have made me very happy!

Sept 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Fiona, Pinner

Having not had any driving experience, and knowing that I would be extremely nervous and anxious during my driving lessons, I knew I had to find someone who would be patient and help me to conquer my nerves so that I could be a confident driver. Luckily, I came across Ashton's website!

Ashton is extremely patient, kind and also went at a pace that suited me so that I didn't feel overly anxious. We also had a great laugh during the lessons which made me feel really comfortable and allowed me to be able to enjoy the lessons.

Sadly, I wasn't able to conquer my nerves to pass on my first attempt, but with a few more lessons and a bit of an epiphany of looking in the mirrors rather than at them, I passed on my second attempt!

I am currently completing a Pass Plus course to enable myself to gain experience and confidence in all aspects and areas of driving, which I hasten to add I am also throughly enjoying.

Thanks so much Ashton, you have been brilliant!

Sept 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Shamsheer, Chalfont St. Peter

I contacted Ashton to assist me in helping to be aware of then break any bad habits I may have acquired during my many years of driving whilst using my Indian driving licence.

I was extremely grateful that I did as from lesson one, Ashton detected many habits I needed to change to enable me to pass my test, some of which I had actually been taught whilst learning to drive in India. He also helped me to improve my driving abilities by showing me some very useful skills and techniques.

After only five driving lessons Ashton had helped me build my confidence in my new found driving skills, so I was happy to attempt my driving test which I passed on my first attempt!

Thank you Ashton for helping me to enjoy safe driving for life.

Sept 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Lukasz, Hanwell

Ashton is a very good instructor that doesn't just teach you to pass the test, he teaches you safe and responsible driving.

Very upbeat driver works with the the knowledge you have. He is very flexible with driving lesson times, the duration of them and a for a good price.

Definitely the instructor I would choose to do my test again.

Passed first time!!

Sept 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Saif, Hanwell

Ashton is a really good driving instructor. He has made me feel very comfortable and very relaxed. I have had many driving lessons with the AA and i wasnt as comfortable as i am with Ashton.

I highly recommend Ashton, as he is an excellent driving instructor.

Sept 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Mohammad, Manchester

My driving experience with Ashton has truly been phenomenal. He has passed on his vast experience on to me seamlessly.

With his guidance I managed to pass my driving test first time.

I highly recommend Ashton to be the one that get you to the finish line

Aug 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Aida, Ruislip

Before discovering Ashtons Driving School I had been with other instructor who I didn't feel confident driving with. I found myself not looking forward to my lessons. I was very anxious and nervous before and during my driving. I felt instructor didn't prepare me for the test, therefore I had failed.

After a false experience I was about to give up on learning to drive, till I came across Ashtons Driving School.

So happy I did! Ashton is so helpful, kind, patient, profesional and very easy to get on with. He made driving fun whilist getting me to the standard I needed to be for the test. Ashton is the best instructor you could ask for, he has so much energy and enthusiasm that he brings to the driving lessons, which made you more relaxed and able to drive comfortably. He made me feel at ease the whole time learning.

I also appreciate that he trusts you to drive! His teaching style is also very effective and simple to learn, but sticks with you over time. I felt very prepared for the test and passed for the first time!

Thank you so much Ashton for helping me through this journey! I would definitely recommend Ashtons Driving School! He is the best instructor ever!

Jul 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Chris Palmer, Hayes

Since learning to drive with Ashton it has been a joy, he made the lessons easy going, relaxing and pleasant, he is also very easy to get on with.

He is always is happy and never grumpy, so that puts you in a good mood too, which helped me relax and pass my test.

Jul 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Jordan, Uxbridge

Before I started my lessons with Ash I had two other instructors, and it never really worked out because I didn't like their way of teaching. But with Ashton everything felt right with his way of teaching.

He's way of teaching is second to none. His resilience and patience, belief in me and general motivation is what pushed me to pass. For that I can not thank you enough.

Jul 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Tiffany, Uxbridge

Absolutely amazing instructor, he helped me through any issues I might have had and was always positive.

You have to take him as he is, which is chatty and energetic, but I can't fault him. He took me from my first lesson and helped me pass my test first time - I would highly recommend him to anybody.

Jul 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Daryl, Uxbridge

Ashton I couldn't have passed without you! You have made me the driver I am.

It has been such a pleasure meeting you what a great man you are this won't be the last time you see me, I will 100% keep in touch.

Truly thankful for everything you have done for me.

Jul 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Jack, Iver Heath

I couldn't recommend Ashton as driving instructor enough! I hadn't been behind a wheel before my first lesson, but with Ashton's knowledge and experience I passed first time within five months.

He created a very relaxed environment so the lessons were stress free and enjoyable.

Jul 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Armin, Swiss Cottage

I was recommended to Ashton by my Mother (Ash - see testimony below) who passed with him as her instructor. He creates a safe, friendly, educational environment and this allowed me to learn from my mistakes without them even feeling like mistakes. The lessons feel like a real pleasure and something to look forward to.

I took my first ever lesson with Ashton and passed my test on the first attempt!

Overall Ashton is such a great character that I really miss our lessons together, he is a real friend when teaching you. Thanks.

Summer 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Ash, Swiss Cottage

It was summer and having landing a teaching post outside of London for September I was desperate to pass my test. I took a week long driving course in Blackpool which gave me some experience but yielded a dissatisfying failed test.

Returning to London I took up with another instructor for a few weeks hoping to pass in time for the new term, once again and an unfortunate fail.

As soon as I started with Ashton I knew I was on the right track. My husband came along on one occasion nearing my test and he agreed. Not only did Ashton build confidence in my driving, he has a great manner and sense of humour which resulted in me learning all of the time without being overly conscious of it. He takes the time make you feel comfortable and at ease.

After a few weeks with Ashton I passed my test, no surprises really.

Jun 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Demi, Uxbridge

Ahh! Words can't describe! 10 out of 10, I couldn't have asked for a nicer instructor! Ashton made me feel extremely comfortable, best instructor in the area.

I will miss our lessons, thank you so much for helping gain a successful test pass on my first attempt with just one minor fault!

Jun 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Daren, Northolt

Top instructor - Thorough lessons with great skills and tips being given at every opportunity.

Thank you for everything Ashton from my very first driving lesson, which was also my first time behind the steering wheel of a car, you were extremely patient.

You took time to coach and teach me as many useful skills and driving techniques as possible to enable me to learn safe driving for life which helped me relax, feel comfortable and confident every time I drive.

Thanks for everything Ashton I am so glad I chose you as my driving instructor.

May 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Scott, Northolt

After seeking advice from the Nation driving school to check to see if I was test ready and what if any bad habits I had to work on.

I decided to try Ashton as I was not happy with the advice the nation driving schools had given me, which was to book my practical driving test immediately even though they not even asked me to do any maneuvers or reversing.

Thank goodness Ashton gave my driving a thorough examination and helped me to correct all of my bad habits while teaching me to naturally reverse and learn lots of usual driving skills and techniques. Which all helped lead me to a successful first attempt test pass with just two minor faults.

Thanks again for everything you did for me Ashton, I couldn't have done it without you!

May 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Ishara, West Drayton

You are a superstar and my life superhero, without you I couldn't have achieved my driving licence.

I am not going to say lots of things but from the first day to today you have been really patient with me and backed me up every step of the way for my ultimate goal of passing my driving test on the first attempt today.

Cheers to you and once again your my superhero.

Thank you a million times and good luck.

May 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Jane, Pinner

After failing 2 driving tests with other instructors, I found Ashton who was fantastic! Very patient and helpful, I highly recommend him.

Just passed my driving test on the 3rd attempt!

Thank you Ashton I am one happy bunny.

Apr 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Nickil, Pinner

From my last instructor and previous fail from the test I was put off driving completely and didn't want to start driving again. However after Ashton was recommended to me by two of my close friends, I thought I would give it a go again.

From my very first lesson I felt so much more confident and at ease with myself while driving. He has been so supportive and an excellent driving instructor. I was able to regain my confidence through him helping me to polish my driving to a high standard, I passed the test on the second time around with Ashton.

He is highly recommended and I look forward to competing the pass plus with him.

Mar 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Anup, Eastcote

Ashton is an excellent driving instructor - I was struggling to pass my test and had changed instructors twice before I started with Ashton. He gave me confidence that I can pass when I had almost given up.

I can highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good driving instructor in north west London. Thanks again for having all the necessary patience with me and for taking time to explain every aspect of all the extra new skills, areas to be covered with extra vigilance and techniques in driving I have learned from you. I will be using all of these to good effect all throughout my driving!

Jan 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Kirk, Northolt

What I would like to say about the driving school is about Ashton himself - he is an exceptional driving instructor. He takes the time to get to know you, not just as a student but as a friend, he will teach you safe driving for life and not just for your test he gives you his all. I listened to everything he told me from my very first driving lesson till my last lesson and you couldn't pick a better instructor than Ashton. I passed my driving test on my first try and it was all down to him.

I will be recommending him to everyone I know who wants to learn to drive thank you, you truly are an amazing instructor..

Jan 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Ben, Ruislip

I booked lessons with Ashton, after a break from learning to drive for 5 years. I found him to be very professional and accommodating. The driving lessons have been extremely good value for money and very good for building confidence on the roads.

I would thoroughly recommend Ashton to anyone that is looking to learn how to drive as i successfully passed my test with Ashton on the third attempt having failing twice before with other driving instructors.

Jan 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Muhammad, West Ealing

Fantastic, amazing and terrific driving instructor, thank you so much Ashton. I would strongly recommend you to others, you are very nice, friendly, patient and polite.

Thanks for all of your great, advice, help and support. All the way up to a successful test pass.

Jan 2016

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Nia, Pinner

I successfully completed driver training towards safe driving for life with Ashton's Driving School and was extremely pleased. The explanations were well explained and easy to understand. I also built my confidence during the time that i was learning.

Overall, the experience was hugely enjoyable and i would recommend anyone to learn to drive with Ashton's Automobile Training.

Dec 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Emma, Greenford

Ashton is a fantastic instructor he takes his time to teach you patiently. He always makes the lessons fun and interesting. Ashton always made an effort to fit my lessons around my busy schedule. I would happily recommend him to anyone.

Dec 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: David, Ruislip

Ashton helped me build my confidence in my driving abilities and assisted me in learning new skills and techniques which as he said it would lead towards safe driving for life and an enjoyment of driving which I never thought would be possible. I love every moment I am driving now.

Thank you for helping me pass my test on the first attempt.

Dec 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Alex, West Drayton

I learnt to drive in twenty hours of intensive training, then spent fourteen of lessons of 2 hours a week while I was waiting for my test date.

During these lessons I developed my driving experience, skills, road reading abilities and learnt new techniques which all help me towards a successful first time test pass with four minor errors and the confidence to really enjoy safe driving for life

Dec 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Alan, Northwood

I found Ashton very helpful, easy to get along with and easy going, he gave me lots of useful advice and help with learning techniques and new skills he also helped me with lots of learning materials and printouts I found his vehicle a pleasure to use and easy to drive, which therefore helped me successfully pass my test with only two minor mistakes and gave me the ability to enjoy safe driving for life.

Thanks a million Ashton I could not have done it without you I am extremely happy I chose you as my instructor.

Dec 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Billy, Uxbridge

Thanks a million Ashton, I would not have my licence now If it wasn't for you and all of the helpful tips and pointers you gave me. I am so happy that I don't have to use public transport or walk in the rain anymore! You were patient, polite and a gentleman throughout my training - I can't recommend you highly enough to anybody looking for a good driving instructor.

Dec 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Louis, Northwood

Calm relaxing driving instructor who I would certainly recommend to new drivers, he kept me relaxed when I first met him and is very easy to talk too and to get along with, he taught me good tips and tricks to pass my test on the first attempt, and help me out as much as he could inside and outside the vehicle.

Oct 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Prasad, Pinner

First of all I glad to get lessons from Mr. Ashton. He is a very nice gentlemen and very good instructor. Mr. Ashton recognised my areas to improve and he worked hard on it to get good test results. He is kind of a person tries to push student for safe standard driving skills; in my case I believe Ashton put extra attempts to define my safe driving skills. His service worth more than we pay.

I highly recommend Ashton Driving school to have lessons and it is well results driven driving school.

Note: Mr Ashton is very good with multicultural students because he understands them very well. Rate of the service: 10 out of 10

Sept 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Hiten, Highgate

After failing three times at Wood green test center, I was desperate to get my license. Accordingly to me, I was hard done by in each of these 3 attempts and truly believed that I should have passed. Hence I started looking for a new instructor and a new test center. After much online research, I came across Ashton's website and picked up the phone.

I found Ashton to be a very genuine and helpful person on the call and booked a driving lesson near Pinner test center. After 2 hours of lesson, I was very impressed by his method of teaching. He is very supportive, helpful and practical in his advice and provided me with a lot of flexibility. I really liked his safety first approach to driving and I knew that I was on my way to achieving my license with Ashton.

I can recommend him to anyone since I have had such a pleasant experience with him. Thank you so much for your help in obtaining my license, Ashton you rock :-)

Sept 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Gloria, Northolt

Many thanks Ashton, you gave me all the relevant tips and meterials to study. You motivated and encouraged me that I can do it (after several attempts with one of the national schools). You were more than wonderful!

Sept 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Emmanuel, Harefield

After being tossed around, getting ripped off by the well known big driving schools and also being very dissatisfied with their quality of teaching I decided to use small local driving schools. I got in contact with Ashton via his website and I must say it was the best decision I made.

He is a honest, polite, very bubbly and cheerful individual who wants the best for those that are keen to learn. Ashton's main focus isn't on the money, which means he takes his time to make sure you are very satisfied with all lessons and if possible, gives you a few extra free time to practice. His nurturing nature makes him a patient and clean instructor who gives you the freedom to learn from your mistakes as well as corrects you at the same time, keeping you calm in a secure and comfortable car.

There are many positive attributes to Ashton and I could go on and on, I was very amazed there are big hearted driving instructors out there like Ashton that even cares about your well-being and not just being present for the lessons. He made me look forward to all my driving lessons unlike before I met him.

Long story short, I started lessons with Ashton who pretty much taught me from scratch andnot just for the test's sake but for safe driving in the future. He taught me all the tricks of the road and was very encouraging to the end. I passed first time with 3 minors, and I'd definitely recommend Ashton to anyone wanting to start driving or is unhappy with the services their chosen driving school is providing. Thank you once again Ashton for your brilliant service. I give Ashton a 5 star

Jul 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Chandima, West Drayton

I would strongly recommend Ashton to be your driving instructor. Ashton was a wonderful driving instructor, who taught me the skills I needed throughout my learning experience. I would recommend Ashton to absolutely everyone, as he was so kind and patient with me when I made silly mistakes. Before many lessons, especially at the beginning, I was incredibly anxious, however Ashton was reassuring when teaching me. I am so grateful to him for everything he has done to make sure I pass this test

Thank you very much again and I still remember his smile

Jun 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Sebastian, Chalfont St. Peter

Hello, I just want to say again, thank you very much for all lessons, advice that was very helpful. Really pleasure to drive with someone like you and pass test first time.

One more big thank you!

Jun 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Jennifer, Acton

I'd like to say a big thank you for helping me pass my test. Not only are you a cheerful individual, but you are a good motivator. There were a lot of times I felt down but you would lift my spirit up and encourage me whilst driving.

Your teachings are not just to pass the test successfully, but for me to be a better and safer driver for life. Driving with you doesn't feel too intense, it just feels like I'm having a chat with a friend, and then the occasional correction on the road. What helped me more was that I opened my heart and listened to your instructions, and that with prayers helped me to pass my test.

Thank god and thank you too. The world is now my oyster. God bless you.

Jun 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Simon, Hayes

I started my driving lessons with Ashton after having experienced a few different driving instructors and I have to say that he was by far superior to the others and someone I wish I had met sooner. He applies a very effective teaching style and makes you feel relaxed and at ease. You will be taught to such a high standard that you will have the confidence you need and be taught the ability required to be a good driver with an exceptional level of awareness and someone that is very safety concious. This is exactly what you need to be able to drive on your own and I can't recommend him highly enough.

Definitely above average when compared to other instructors and an excellent and very patience teacher. 10/10. Highly recommended.

Jun 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: Pat, Uxbridge

Ashton is a brilliant, talented and extremely experienced driving instructor, who easily identifies learners weaknesses and areas of improvement and uses techniques that are best suited and tailored to them. He has a unique way of teaching, which is very effective as he deals with you more as a friend, a ''brother'', than only a customer. He is really friendly, easy going, professional, committed, and genuinely wants to help you learn to drive safely for live and pass your test the first time. He does all he can to build your confidence and driving skills. His lessons are relax, fun, constructive and always beneficial.

I easily passed my test just after a few lessons with him. Ashton is arguably one of the best driving instructors in the country and I cannot recommend him enough to anyone that is looking to pass their test the first time.

Jan 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: D.S.

I have recently moved to the U.K to study. I found that the price was very fair and the lessons were really good and packed with information. THANK YOU!

Jan 2015

To: Ashton, Instructor in Pinner

From: F.Edwards

I took some extra days training with Ashtons to help refresh my knowledge of the road. I felt very at ease the whole time in the car, and found that it was very helpful towards my everyday driving.

Massive thumbs up from me.

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